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Welcome to Mr. Baker's math site.

Here you will find many tools and lectures to help you become successful in my classes...
...or maybe even someone else's class   ;)


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Tutoring:  M-Tu-Th-F after school by appointment.

Exam Retake Policy:    Students must demonstrate mastery in the topic to be eligible for a retake.

Retakes are "clean" retakes as they will completeley replace the old exam (Better or Worse!)  

Retakes MUST be taken after school by appointment only and will not be administered the last week of the term.

My Daily Schedule

1st Period - Math for College Readiness
2nd Period - Math for College Readiness
3rd Period - Math for College Readiness
Advisement (Fridays only) 
4th Period - Geometry 
Lunch A   
5th Period - Math for College Readiness  
6th Period - Geometry


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