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ACT Math Prep


The idea behind ths page is to provide a resource for students to prepare for the ACT Exam.


The best strategy is for students to bring a copy of their previous exam results (if available) the first day to determine which areas should be addressed in order of need, otherwise I'll "wing it" and address questions in the order listed. It would also be helpful to take a look at the practice exams listed in "Additional Resources" to find any areas that may be problematic.


BRING QUESTIONS!!! This crash course isn't designed to build your knowledge base from ground-zero; it's designed to fill knowledge gaps and jog your memory.


 Links to online practice exams as well as lectures/study notes for each section have been provided.


Date* Objectives Presentations  Materials Additional Resources
Day 1

Intro, Study Habits & Strategies

  Intro Lecture

Cheat Sheets & Reviews:

Cheat Sheet & Breakdown of Exam

Flash Cards

ACT Formula Review

Trig Angle Sum & Difference Identities


Preparing for the ACT

SAT/ACT Math & Beyond

Preparing for the ACT Math

100 Math Concepts

Online Practice Exams:

Test Prep
Free Test
Test Prep

Printable Practice Exams:

Exam 1
Exam 2
Exam 3
Exam 4
Exam 5
Exam 6

Day 1 cont.

(21.6%-23% or approx. 8 points)
13-14 Questions


Square roots and approximations

Absolute value and ordering numbers by value


Scientific notation

  Properties of Real #

Algebraic Expressions

Factoring Using Backward Distributive Property

Roots and Radical Expressions

Properties of Exponents

8.3 Scientific Notation


Day 2

Elementary Algebra 
(16.6%-18.3% or approx. 6 to 7 points)
10-11 Questions

Exponents and square roots

Evaluation of algebraic expressions through

Using variables to express functional relationships

Algebraic operations

Factoring and quadratic equations

  Radical Multiplication

Divide Radicals

Radical Addition

Solving Radicals

Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution

Algebraic Expressions

Factors of Quadratic Functions

Factoring Review

Day 3

Intermediate Algebra
(15% or approx.. 5.4 points)
9 Questions

Quadratic formula

Rational and radical expressions

Absolute value equations and inequalities

Sequences and patterns


Complex numbers

  Quadratic Formula & Discriminant

Rational Exponents

Solving Radicals

Absolute Value Equations

Graphing Absolute Value Equations

Solving Inequalities

Polynomial Functions

Polynomial Factors and Zeros

Complex Number Operations 1

Complex Number Operations 2

Complex Number Operations 3

Day 4

Coordinate Geometry
(15% or approx. 5.4 points)
9 Questions

Graphing and the relations between equations and graphs, including:
Circles, and other curves

Graphing inequalities


Parallel and perpendicular lines
Distance & Midpoints


  Lines, Points, Planes


Slope-Intercept Form

Standard & Point-Slope Forms

Graphing 2-Variable Inequalities

Solving Systems of Equations Using Graphs

Graphing Quadratic Functions

Midpoint & Distance


Perimiter, Area & Circumference

Parallel Lines

Perpendicular Lines

Polygons in the Coordinate Plane

Day 5

Plane Geometry
(21.6%-23% or approx. 8 points)
13-14 Questions

Angles and relations among perpendicular and parallel lines  

Properties of:


Proof and proof techniques


Three-dimensional Geometry

  Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines & Triangles

Central Angles and Arcs

Area of Circles

Segment and Area Probability

Circle Tangents

Chords, Arcs & Central Angles

Inscribed Angles

Angle Measures on Circles

Circle Equations

Special Right Triangles

Isosceles Triangles

SAS & SSS Postulates

ASA and AAS Theorems

Congruent Triangles

Hypotenuse-Leg Theorem

Midsegment Theorem

Medians & Altitudes

Inequalites in Triangles

Angle Measures of Polygons


Proving Paralellograms

Rhombuses & Rectangles

Properties of Trapezoids

Identifying Paralleograms as Rectangles and Rhombuses

Area of Triangles & Parallelograms

Area of Trapezoid, Rhombus & Kite






Polygon Perimeters & Areas

Area of a Regular Polygon


Surface Area of a Prism

Surface Area of a Pyramid

Volume of a Cylinder & Prism

Volume of a Pyramid and a Cone

Surface Area and Volume of a Sphere

Area and Volume of Similar Solids

Day 6

(6.6%-8.3% or approx. 2.3 to 3 points)
4-5 Questions

Trigonometric relations in right triangles

Values and properties of trigonometric functions

Graphing trigonometric functions

Modeling using trigonometric functions

Solving trigonometric equations

  Pythagorean Theorem

Sine, Cosine, & Tangent

Inverse Trig f(x) & Law of Sines

Angles of Depression & Elevation

Finding Areas Using Trig

Law of the Sines

Law of the Cosines

Verifying Trig Identities

Trig Addidtion & Subtraction
Good Luck!!!!!!





Schedule is subject to change due to reteaching or unforseen events


Lectures are in MS PowerPoint (v10) format. The PowerPoint Vewer or Open Office suite may be freely downloaded.


Practice Problems are in PDF format. The 

Adobe Acrobat Viewer is also a free download.

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