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PERT Test Prep


The idea behind ths page is to provide a resource for students to prepare for the PERT Exam.


The best strategy is for students to bring a copy of their previous exam results (if available) the first day to determine which areas should be addressed in order of need, otherwise I'll "wing it" and address questions in the order listed. It would also be helpful to take a look at the practice exams listed in "Additional Resources" to find any areas that may be problematic.


BRING QUESTIONS!!! This crash course isn't designed to build your knowledge base from ground-zero; it's designed to fill knowledge gaps and jog your memory.


 Links to online practice exams as well as lectures/study notes for each section have been provided.


Date* Objectives Presentations  Materials Additional Resources
Day 1

Intro, Study Habits & Strategies


Cheat Sheets & Reviews:
Study Guide 1
Study Guide 2
Study Guide 3
Study Guide 4
Study Guide 5

Online Practice Exams:
Mometrix Exam

Union Test Prep
Indian River State College
College Success
Pro Profs

Printable Practice Exams:
Exam 1







Good Luck!!!!!!





Schedule is subject to change due to reteaching or unforseen events


Lectures are in MS PowerPoint (v10) format. The PowerPoint Vewer or Open Office suite may be freely downloaded.


Practice Problems are in PDF format. The 

Adobe Acrobat Viewer is also a free download.